Customer Information

Flux Rescue Breakdown Information

If you purchased our Flux Rescue breakdown package at the start or the renewal of your policy, please call one of the following numbers, depending on your circumstances: Flux Rescue operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The service can only be used if it has been paid for and has been […]

Cancel Your Policy

To cancel your insurance policy, please call our Customer Service department using the correct telephone number below: Want to know more about cancelling your policy? Click here for our frequently asked questions Telephone numbers Department Telephone Number Private Car 0344 381 6502 Motorcycle 0344 381 6503 Household 0344 381 6505 Commercial 0344 381 6504 Caravans 0344 381 […]

Theft Prevention for Cars

Knowing that the way to steal a modern car is to get hold of the keys, car thieves have adapted the way they operate. Nowadays the thieves want your keys. By burgling houses, carjacking, test-driving cars for sale, getting into the unattended car at fuel stations and jumping in when a car’s been left running […]

Agreed Value Car Insurance Instructions

When applying for an agreed value policy it is important to include high quality photos to ensure we can process the application quickly. At Adrian Flux we know it’s important for drivers to get the real, current value for their car should they have an accident. Your photos help us to assess the vehicle’s condition […]