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Agreed Value Car Insurance Instructions

When applying for an agreed value policy it is important to include high quality photos to ensure we can process the application quickly. At Adrian Flux we know it’s important for drivers to get the real, current value for their car should they have an accident. Your photos help us to assess the vehicle’s condition and make sure you get the right value if anything happens.

Watch the video below to find out how to take the photos we need for your agreed value policy.

From restored and refined classics through to custom track cars, 4x4s and even standard modern cars, we are able to provide agreed value cover on any car you own, provided it is at least one year old.

Importance of agreed value photos

As part of any agreed value policy we will need to see high quality photos of your vehicle. The work and care that people put into cars can often save them from depreciation, and sometimes actually increase the value of a car. Having photos of your car ensures that any modifications or customisations are documented, meaning we can give you an accurate value for your vehicle.

Getting your photos right

First of all, make sure the quality of your photos is high. Follow the instructions below to meet our criteria:

  • Ensure your car is parked away from any obstructions so you can get a clear picture from each angle.
  • Check the lighting – it’s best to take your photos during the day to get the best quality
  • Use a good quality camera and check the photos are clear, and in colour, as we cannot accept blurry or black and white photos.
  • Make sure your car is clean, inside and out, so the pictures clearly show the interior and exterior
  • Use recent photos to show your car as it is when you are applying for the agreed value policy.

You’ll need to take photos of the following parts of the car:

Drivers and passengers side

Take the photo side on, so you can see the full length and height of the vehicle.


We need a photo taken directly from the front of the vehicle, showing the full width and height, including the licence plate.


This photograph should clearly show the full width and height of the vehicle, as well as the registration number.

Engine bay

Take a clear photo of the whole engine bay. For mid-engined cars, a photograph through the open engine cover will be fine.


The interior photo should be taken from an open passenger door. Try to include key elements, such as the front seats, steering wheel and dashboard. If you are applying for an agreed value policy on a motorhome, include a photo of the living space.


Include a photo of the current mileage reading. If your vintage vehicle does not have a mileometer, enclose a signed statement declaring the vehicle has no odometer.

Submitting your photos

Photographs of your vehicle are essential for gaining an agreed value policy. Once you’ve taken your photos, and double-checked that they meet our guidelines, you are able to submit them in three ways:

  • Online – You can now complete your agreed value request online, including uploading photographs, by logging into your MyAdrianFlux account. If you haven’t registered for your online account yet, simply call our customer service team who will be able to send you log in details including your password
  • Email – Send your photos as an attachment in an email to [email protected]
  • Post – Send your documents by post, for free, using our Freepost address below:

Adrian Flux Insurance Services
East Winch Hall
East Winch
King’s Lynn
PE32 1HN

If you have any questions about the photographs, or for more information on our agreed value car insurance policies, call us today on 0800 369 8590.